Welcome to CertExams.com™ network simulator home page. We offer advanced network simulators including router/switch/terminal simulator. The simulators help in preparing for networking exams such as ccna™ or jncia™. It would also be very helpful for those who want to get started with configuring Cisco® or Juniper® routers in a simulated environment. Several new features have been added to the current version, including Frame Relay commands, ISDN, sub-interface, and Access list configuration commands. Download and try certexams.com ccna virtual labs simulator

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1. Network Simulator with Designer for CCNA Network simulator and designer Download


2. Network Simulator for CCNA Network Simulator (same as above except that you don't have network designer) Download


3. Switch Network Simulator Switch Simulator Download


4. Juniper Router Simulator Juniper Router Simulator Download


Several lab exercises are made available with the router simulator. The labs are not only intended to give familiarity with the router or switch commands, but provide a real-world scenarios as one encounters in Cert exam such as CCNA. View the list of available router labs and supported router commands here. Network simulator (Router simulator) is same as that of Network simulator w/Designer. except that the former does not support designing your own labs using Designer.

Router emulator vs. simulator: a brief.

Compare with other network simulators (Semsim ™, Boson Netsim™, and others)

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